There’s a ‘Rat in Raneilles

You’re flying around with a wanted status the other daaaaaaay……when you decide to hunt in high sec a little more for fun and profit. A little DScan magic and boom, you land on an Algos clearing a combat site. Trying to keep your security status down, you cross your fingers and pray to the goo gods your target is stupid. He is and the fight is on.

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! After some good-natured ribbing and offering the victim a chance to finish clearing the site with assistance, he never even responds in local. Rude. So, you clear the site and begin looting, conveniently forgetting the million isk bounty on your head, as you always do when this happens….

Fortunately your boy knows a lost fight when he sees one now and he was able to burn away to fight another day.

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