High Sec Shenanigans

So the other day I got a little bored and decided “hey, since I’m in a corp that doesn’t do fleet warfare and I get a suspect status anytime I go to the points, maybe I could mark myself as bait and con some noobs in to attacking me in highsec.” And so with this thought in mind, I marked myself and sat at the dock in Clellinon, a rookie system. Sure enough, two rookies with less than 3 months between them took the bait and the fight was on.

Whoopsie doodles..

Sadly, it looks as though both forgot that with the aggression timer you can’t dock and there would be no escape from my wrath. In true pirate fashion, no quarter was asked and none was given. YARRR!!!!

Le Kills, courtesy of zkillboard.com:



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Sean Wisswell
7 months ago

Making people cry I imagine.

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